Refund and Returns Policy

Warranty and Returns Policy

JuiceFreak Australia offers refunds and replacements in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law and the terms set out in this refund policy. The refunds and replacements are offered to you, as our customer. If one of your customers experiences any issues with any of our products, you are obliged under the Australian Consumer Law to offer a refund or replacement to your own customer and we will then provide you, our customer, with the right of replacement or refund if there is a manufacturing defect.

We will offer either a refund or replacement of our products if, upon receipt, any of our products are defective or not of merchantable quality. We produce the highest quality e-liquids in Australia with some of the most unique flavours. However, taste is subjective and not everyone will enjoy every flavour – we will not offer a refund or exchange for change of mind. Additionally, we will not offer any refund or exchange for any damage to the product as a result of you, your staff or your customer’s action or inaction.

These policies are intended to compliment your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and are not intended to limit those rights. If any of these terms are inconsistent with the Australian
Consumer Law, then the Australian Consumer Law will prevail to the extent of those inconsistencies.

Defects on Delivery

You must notify us within 3 business days of receipt of your order if any of the products have any manufacturing defects. Your notification must be accompanied by photographs of the defective
products. Upon receipt of your notification, we will either:

1. offer you a refund or replacement (at our discretion); or

2. request that you return the products to us for our inspection following which, we will make
a determination about whether or not the products qualify for a refund or replacement.

If we do not receive any notification within this time, then you are deemed to have accepted the products in the condition they were in upon delivery.

Customer Reported Defects

We will only offer you a refund or replacement for a product that has been returned by one of your customers if we are satisfied that the return is the result of a manufacturing defect. If you intend to seek a replacement or refund in these circumstances, we will require photographs of the product in the condition it was in when the customer returned the product in addition to a detailed description of the alleged manufacturing default and the testing/investigations that were undertaken by you before the refund/return was granted.

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