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Cola Spider

Experience that traditional summer treat! This juice combines that refreshing cola taste with a velvety vanilla ice cream finish.

Key Lime Pie

Who said you can’t have dessert before dinner? This delicious dessert flavour has a zesty citrus punch, a sweet graham cracker crust and a smooth meringue finish that will melt in your mouth.

Melonberry Gum

Fresh, fruity and delicious! Enjoy that sweet bubble-gum flavour with a juicy strawberry taste and a refreshing watermelon kick.

Mint Gum

What a breath of fresh air! This powerful juice will cleanse your palate with its sweet spearmint flavour and leave you feeling minty fresh.

Musk Sticks

Take a trip down memory lane with Musk Sticks! A classic flavour - this fragrant juice sweet with a delicious musky finish.

Passionfruit Lemonade

A classic childhood favourite! This thirst-quenching juice is the perfect combination of tangy passionfruit and sweet lemonade.

White Chocolate Cluster

Satisfy your sweet tooth! This unique juice is a delicious combination of silky white chocolate and decadently sweet toffee with a nutty pistachio finish.