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Bubblegum Hits – Frosty Freaks x ADV

ADV’s Bubblegum Hits is now packing an icy cold flavour punch from yesteryear! Tangy, sweet, icy, delicious!

Chocolate Milk – Frosty Freaks x Byron Bay Cloud Co.

You heard right, your favourite smooth creamy classic chocolate milk, straight from the fridge icy cold!

Lime Strawbz – Frosty Freaks x Gnarly Juice

This bitchin’ juice is back now with a stellar combination of frozen strawberries and ice-covered limes!

Lychee Peach Guava – Frosty Freaks x Sticky Fingers

A blizzard has rolled through this beachside bonanza, those lychees, peaches & guavas now have a refreshingly frozen finish!

Mango Sorbet – Frosty Freaks x Scoops

Frosted Mango sorbet! A juicy melody of flavours that takes your tastebuds right to the tropics in the middle of winter!

Musk Sticks – Frosty Freaks x BeedlesJuice

Take a trip down the ice covered memory lane with the classic Beedles flavour musk sticks!

Passionfruit Lemonade – Frosty Freaks x BeedlesJuice

The classic combination of tangy passionfruit & sweet lemonade left in the esky to cool you down on a hot afternoon!

Peaches & Pineapples – Frosty Freaks x Byron Bay Cloud Co.

That delicious combination of peaches and pineapples which you all know and love, chilled to the bone for those hot summer days!

Purple Haze – Frosty Freaks x Sticky Fingers

One of the Sticky Fingers OG flavours Now with some frosty grapes and blackcurrants for you to get your groove on with!

Strawberry Freakshake – Frosty Freaks x Trippy Treats

Some frigid freaked-out sweetness and antarctic tweaked-out treatness! There’s nothing better than a tall ice cold strawberry thickshake!