Welcome to JuiceFreak, your go-to destination for high-quality e-liquids. Our expert mixologists have been crafting premium vape juices for years, and we pride ourselves on creating unique and delicious flavours that are sure to satisfy all customers from beginner vapers to the expert vaping enthusiast.

We are experts in the design, manufacturing and distribution of e-liquid. All of our e-liquids are manufactured by our highly skilled team in our clean room facility located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia using the highest quality ingredients sourced mostly from Australian suppliers.

We are an established brand with an unbeatable reputation for high quality products, unique branding, consistent flavours and excellent service. We are well-known and respected throughout the vaping community which means that you and your customers can trust that any product manufactured by us will be of the highest standard.

Our Brands


All-Time. All Day

Say hello to All Day Vape. The boldest, most balanced E-liquids available. Craft-brewed to the highest industry grade, ADV is all about consistent, tasty, all-day flavours that never get old.

Byron Bay Cloud Co.


Welcome to new heights in vaping with Byron Bay Cloud Co. Enjoy a selection of premium Earth-Juices handcrafted with care. 

Beedles Juice

Escape the daily grind!

Kick back and embrace your inner child with the range from Beedles Juice. Handcrafted on the Gold Coast using only the finest ingredients, this brand is like no other. Featuring 7 unique flavour profiles that have been meticulously refined! 

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold!

Frosty Freaks is a new collaboration e-liquid line that takes all of your favourite brands from Juice Freak and adds an icy twist. 10 classic flavours from Desserts & candies to fruits & drinks this line has something for everyone that loves a cold finish.

Gnarly Juice

It’s Gnarly Dude!

Gnarly Juice is a radical and bodacious new e-liquid with 6 totally tubular flavours. From zesty fruits to sweet candies there is sure to be something for everyone! Whether you're working hard, playing hard or just kickin’ back relaxing, Gnarlyjuice will satisfy!

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf extracts the finest tobacco flavours and expertly blends them into a premium range of ready-to-vape E-Liquids offering
an authentic alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products. Looking to form better habits? Gold Leaf has got your back.

Mates Rates

Your Vape’s best friend!
We bring you premium simplistic flavours at ‘Mates Rates’ because here at JuiceFreak our customers are the best friends we could ever have and Mates Rates will be the best friend your vape can ever have! Not to mention a great friend to your wallet!


Explore a kaleidoscope of creamy flavours lovingly made by a parlour that knows how to serve dripping goodness straight off the scoop. Treat yourself and milk it for all it’s worth at your authorised Scoops seller.


Park up the V8 Valiant and check out our full service vape bar (or ‘range’). We’ve got 9 classic flavours on the menu that’ll put a smile on ya’ dial daily. Made with local love and using only the best ingredients, it’s the original e-juice to enjoy.

Alter your state of consciousness in a psychedelic trip brought on by the tastiest of vape treats. Cosmic clouds will blow your mind in a realm of flavours that amplify daily life into a vaping voyage. Don't overthink it. Just drip ‘n’ trip baby.