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Blue Pomberry

This unique fruit concoction is highlighted by the sweet yet subtle notes of blueberry matched with a sharp hit of pomegranate that lingers nicely on the buds.

Bubblegum Hits

Packing a flavour punch from yesterday, the sweet tang of bubble gum is surprisingly smooth in a yummy kind of way.

Lychee Blackberry

Peel a sweet lychee, mash it with a tart blackberry then add a touch of cooling and you’ve got yourself a refreshing little number just ripe for the picking.

Peach Fizz

The zesty tang of plump peaches is unmistakable in this summer throwback crafted to keep you peachy keen for more fizzy goodness.

Pine Lime Pash

A classic flavour balance where juicy pineapple kisses sour lime and mint in a tropical cocktail with a hint of cooling blended for beachside bliss.

Watermelon Lollipop

The cool and refreshing taste of watermelon captured into a lollipop, then recaptured into this e-liquid. The result? This juicy flavour dream within a dream.